AC-AF is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers who work tirelessly to help create and operate all of our programmes.  Besides the team members who work from one of our offices, AC-AF also has a number of specialised individuals that work from home and abroad to help AC-AF reach its goals. Our in-office teams include:


BRIDGET | Intern

Bridget began working with AC-AF in February 2013 after completing her undergraduate degree in International Development Studies and Social Studies of Medicine from McGill University. Her interests lie in improving access to health care and promoting global health education and awareness, particularly in the context of HIV and AIDS. Her desire to create positive change developed through work with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) and with the Comparative Health Care System’s Taiwan public health exchange. She will be supporting AC-AF’s u+me=we programming in Toronto, conducting research and working on fundraising for the organization.

RAQUEL | Intern

Also starting in September 2013, Raquel studied International Development both at Guelph University and as a postgraduate at Humber College.  Additionally, she gained international experience teaching English in Korea and as a volunteer teacher Guatemala. Raquel was pleased to take on an internship position here at AC-AF to continue her work with children and education.  She will be focused on fundraising, grant writing and research.

SARAH | Intern

The final September addition, Sarah studied Sociocultural Anthropology and Community Development at Western and the International Development postgraduate at Humber.  Her previous experience as a teacher in Taiwan and working with youth in rural Ukraine has made her passionate about continuing to work with young people.  The analytical sort, she will be fundraising, grant writing, researching and maintaining the website.


PHIL | Programme Manager

Hired as Programme Manager in September 2012, Phil’s first experience in Tanzania came in 2009 when conducting research for his BA. He has since returned to Dar es Salaam on a series of research projects focusing on community engagement, with a sensitivity to the everyday challenges that many Tanzanian households face. Phil holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of British Columbia, Canada, as well as an MSc in African and International Development from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. With extensive experience mentoring underprivileged and at-risk youth in the Washington, DC area, Phil will be leading the team in Dar es Salaam to implement our full range of programming.

FEISAL | Junior Project Officer 

As a JPO, Feisal is part of the team implementing the OVCSP and u+me=we in our Dar es Salaam office and has been with AC-AF since September 2011.  He works directly with the children and youth in the communities of Ubungo and Sinza by leading HIV and AIDS workshops, maintaining relationships with the children and youth in the OVCSP, and participating in the Homework Club.

TUZO | Junior Project Officer

Having prior experience in working with child and youth projects, together with extensive community work, Tuzo started to work with AC-AF’s Tanzanian team in June 2013. Her focus at AC-AF includes working with children and youth in project communities by conducting HIV and AIDS workshops, and participating in the Homework Club to increase youth knowledge. Her interest in development work began during her academic years. She always liked to be involved with children, adolescent, youth and community activities, and conducted research on youth receptiveness towards VCT services. Her pleasure in working with children and youth stems from providing them with the attention that their parents are not able to, given the demands of providing for their families. Tuzo holds a BA in Sociology (from Calamus International University, UK) and an MA in Sociology from Kenyatta University in Nairobi.

MAVIS | Volunteer 

Having previously worked as a teacher, Mavis joined the AC-AF team because of her desire to work with vulnerable children in Dar es Salaam.  She works with the children in the AC-AF Homework Club, using her teaching experience to increase their skills and knowledge.

YOHANA | Resident Youth Artist

Yohana is a talented young artist that came to the attention of AC-AF in October 2011 when he was graduating from secondary school. He was the recipient of the AC-AF Youth Leadership Award that looks to strengthen Yohana’s ability to utilise his artistic skills to achieve his long term goals.  Inspired by the artists Ibrahim Washokera and Saimon Regis, he has been working on a number of art projects for AC-AF including new publications, workshop materials, and created the logo for the AC-AF World AIDS Day event in 2011 and the Universal Children’s Day event in 2012. © 2007-2013 Use of any content without permission is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. Canada registration: 845536291RR0001 Tanzania registration: SO 15575