The AC-AF Board is continuing in its efforts to recruit an Executive Director. In the meantime, thanks to support from the whole team, we are continuing to deliver our exceptional programming to children in need and making a difference in their lives in Tanzania.

We have now registered all 23 of our Orphans and Vulnerable Chilren Support Programme (OVCSP) participants with municipal offices to make their education affordable. They are regularly attending programme meetings and workshops on topics such as exam studying habits, nutrition, health, HIV and AIDS impact, prevention, and stigma reduction, and continue to improve their English skills as well as recieve psychosocial support. Several have been taken for eye exams and recieved treatment. 8 children have been accepted into secondary schools.

We also enrolled a new group of 20 children in our Homework Club, based on our success from last year. The current group visits the AC-AF community space frequently to strengthen their English, Math, and computer skills through games and play.

Finally, we successfully conducted a second u+me=we workshop at the Central Tech School in Toronto with over 20 youth attending the workshop. We have also conducted a similar workshop at Sinza Primary School in Dar es Salaam with 40 children and youth in attendance.

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