Global Design Competition Winner Announced as AC-AF’s Youth Artist

Official AIDS 2014 Logo as announced on April 23rd, 2013

Today, AC-AF celebrates an extraordinary achievement by our Resident Youth Artist, Yohana Haule. The International AIDS Society (IAS) has unveiled Yohana as the artist behind the winning logo design for AIDS 2014.

AIDS 2014 is the 20th International AIDS Conference that will take place in Melbourne, Australia in July 2014. A global competition was held by the IAS for youth aged 10 to 30 to create a logo for the conference that encompasses the spirit of inclusivity, participation and gender equality. It also needed to reflect the 2014 destination of Melbourne or Australia.

With only a few weeks to complete this task, Yohana set to work on creating his entry for the competition. His inspiration came from the image of a footprint used by the indigenous people of Australia. These footprints symbolize the cultural practice of walking long distances while passing the seashore. The AIDS ribbon encompassing the footprints are representative of the steps being made in the advancement of the scientific, medical and social understanding of HIV and AIDS.

Inspiration behind the AIDS 2014 Logo

Yohana’s logo also took into account the importance of equal rights in fulfilling responsibilities without consideration of gender, economic or political differences through the difference sized footprints.

His message behind this logo? One goal in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Over the next year, we will be profiling Yohana and his incredible artwork so keep checking back for more news and updates

To view AC-AF’s press release, click here and to view the IAS press release click here

For more information on the conference, visit AIDS 2014

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